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Viasat High-Speed Internet Plans

Viasat has been providing satellite internet to 30,000+ ZIP codes for over 30 years. This satellite internet provider covers 96% of the US, with speeds ranging from 4 Mbps to 25 Mbps. That means you can enjoy high-speed internet nearly anywhere. Use Viasat by itself or package it with DIRECTV and voice through Viasat to save even more money. Plus, when you sign up for Viasat internet, you get a free browser with built-in ad blocking.

Why Choose Viasat?

  1. High-speed rural internet coverage: Enjoy the peace of the countryside with the convenience of big-city amenities. Viasat’s coverage keeps you connected nearly anywhere in the US. 
  2. Price Lock: All Viasat internet plans qualify for a two-year Price Lock guarantee, which ensures your monthly internet costs stay the same. 
  3. Low price: You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to get high-speed internet. Viasat’s internet plans are both high-quality and affordable. 


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Unlimited Silver 25
Per Month
Signal 25 Mbps

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